1 March 2005

Givaudan 2004 Results

  • Sales growth 4% in local currencies
  • Operating profit increased by 17%
  • Net profit increased by 20%
  • Operating cash flow before investments increased by 22%
  • Proposed dividend of CHF 9.80 per share (previous year CHF 8.90)
  • A further extraordinary dividend of CHF 6.50 per share proposed

7 October 2004

Nine months 2004 sales

From January to September 2004, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 2065.3 million, growing 4.4% in local currencies and 1.5% in Swiss francs, excluding sales of discontinued fragrance ingredients.  MORE

5 October 2004

Givaudan announces succession plans for Chairman and CEO

At the last AGM, Dr Henri B. Meier announced his plans to retire at the next General Assembly. Givaudan’s Board of Directors has decided to elect Dr Juerg Witmer, as the new Chairman of the Board, effective April 27, 2005. Mr. Gilles Andrier, will succeed Dr Witmer as Chief Executive Officer in Vernier (Switzerland).  MORE

24 September 2004

Investor Visit - A Taste of the Orient

It is our pleasure to invite you on yet another voyage of olfactive and gustative discovery, this time to the Far East to visit our creation, technology and production centres in Shanghai on the 2nd November 2004 and in Singapore on the 4th November 2004.  MORE

10 August 2004

Givaudan Half Year Results 2004

In the first half of 2004, Givaudan maintained its strong sales momentum. Gross, operating and net margins substantially improved as some of the temporary factors affecting prior year comparables diminished and the margin improvement initiatives, announced in January 2004, started to have a positive impact.  MORE

6 July 2004

Givaudan opens new Savoury Development Centre in Kemptthal (Switzerland)

With a view to further enhance and consolidate its European flavour development set-up, Givaudan has inaugurated a new Savoury Development Centre in Kemptthal (Zurich, Switzerland).  MORE

22 June 2004

Givaudan Starts Prolonged Share Buy Back Programme

The modalities of the prolongation of this programme are published in Finanz und Wirtschaft, NZZ and Le Temps as well on the website.  MORE

15 June 2004

Givaudan announces CFO succession

In line with Givaudan’s long term succession planning, Othmar Vock, Chief Financial Officer of Givaudan, will retire at the end of 2004. His successor will be Matthias Waehren, presently with the Dutch company DSM Nutritional Products.  MORE

14 June 2004

Prolongation of the share buy back programme

The Board of Directors of Givaudan SA has resolved to extend the share buy back programme 2003/2004 concerning 800,000 registered shares by one year, i.e. until 30 June, 2005.  MORE

1 June 2004

Givaudan announces intention to transfer Dutch flavour production

With a view to further consolidate its European flavour production, Givaudan has announced its intention to transfer the flavour compounding production from Barneveld (Netherlands) to its German and Swiss sites.  MORE

16 April 2004

Givaudan SA: Annual General Meeting 2004

The Annual General Meeting of Givaudan SA, the world leader in fragrances and flavours, took place in Geneva on 16 April 2004. It was attended by 177 shareholders, representing 3,200,392 (40%) of a total of 8,000,000 registered shares.  MORE

8 April 2004

First quarter 2004 sales: Givaudan maintains strong momentum

Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 701.6 million resulting in a growth of 4.1% in local currencies and 2.4% in Swiss francs, compared to the same period in 2003, clearly outgrowing the underlying market.  MORE

2 March 2004

Givaudan 2003 Results

Sales growth 9% in local currencies Operating cash-flow increased 17% Industry leadership reaffirmed Temporary margin decrease, addressed by margin improvement initiatives One-time restructuring charge: CHF 68M Proposed dividend CHF 15.40 per share  MORE

2 March 2004

Invitation to the 2004 Annual Media Conference

Givaudan is pleased to invite you to its Annual Media Conference which will be held on Tuesday 2, March 2004 at 11:00 am at the company's headquarters in Vernier (Geneva).  MORE

22 January 2004

Margin improvement initiatives approved and launched

Margin improvement initiatives resulting in savings of CHF 67 million on annualised basis Initial savings of CHF 47 million in 2004 One time restructuring charge of CHF 68 million in 2003 Sales 2003 within market expectations  MORE

8 January 2004

Analyst Coverage

You can now find on our website the main sell-side analysts that cover Givaudan on a regular basis.  MORE