TasteEssentials™ is Givaudan's iconic flavour palettes with the latest in technology, artistry and built-in consumer appeal. It focuses on the most significant flavours, inspiring new products and new opportunities for you and your consumers – the people at the heart of your brands. We translate your needs into authentic flavour creations.

TasteEssentials™ Beef – getting beef right is no easy task. It demands significant investment in time and money, and precise cooking techniques to get it perfect. Our expert application teams around the world work with chefs and flavourists to make your products taste truly authentic, with specific roast, boiled grilled or fried notes, distinct and complex flavour profiles and a strong beef impact in non meat applications.

TasteEssentials™ Chicken programme captures the essence, signature and aroma of chicken for all world markets. We spoke to 7,300 people across 14 countries, so we have definitely got your flavour and your consumers' preferences covered.

TasteEssentials™ Citrus programme delivers our customers a fresh perspectives to the world's favourite beverage flavours. Taking citrus flavours beyond the traditional orange and lemon-lime, our dedicated CitrusCouncil leads our citrus programme's innovation efforts to create beverage experiences that standout in a crowded marketplace.

TasteEssentials™ Coffee – we can give your consumers the ultimate coffee experience by bringing together the knowledge of accomplished baristas, skill of expert flavourists and unique coffee, dairy and sweetness design tools. Taste the pleasure and artistry of coffee profiles that stimulate the mind and palette.

TasteEssentials™ Dairy is our dedicated programme that includes capabilities, know-how, and products to support all your dairy flavour needs. Our dairy expert teams are continuously focused on your strategies to help you achieve increased revenue and cost optimisation through delivering authentic flavour and taste solutions – from creamy buttery attributes to fresh milk, mouthfeel, sweet creamy, and more.

TasteEssentials™ Dairy & Cheese programme allows us to create optimal flavours not only for cheese and dairy products themselves, but also for crackers, snacks, and snack fillings. Whether your requirements are for local, ethnic or artisan flavour profiles, or customised seasonings, we can offer the most authentic flavour solution for your product.

TasteEssentials™ Mint is a programme which provides incredible long-lasting next-generation taste that can really freshen up your mint product range. Offering a complete set of flavours, technologies, natural oils, flavour delivery, and cost-effective options, we can provide you with long-lasting, cooling, impact, freshness, and novel taste.

TasteEssentials™ Tea – green, black, red, white, red or flower – with our tea programme, we can enhance a standard tea profile using our flavours and taste ingredients, revolutionising it into almost any unique tea varietal with a distinct flavour profile. Building on the world's most popular tea flavour characteristics, we offer a dynamic range of products for tea that give consumers the authentic tea experience.

TasteEssentials™ Vanilla programme marks a significant breakthrough in unlocking how consumers in different parts of the world think about vanilla. With Givaudan's new vanilla ingredients and flavour profiling approach, food manufacturers can now come closer than ever before to achieving truly distinctive, consumer-winning vanilla flavourings.

Give us the opportunity to create new yet authentic consumer-winning tastes for your products with TasteEssentials™ from Givaudan. Engaging your senses.


TasteTrek™ Citrus

TasteTrek™ Citrus
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TasteSolutions™ Umami

TasteSolutions™ Umami
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