Our TasteSolutions™ programme allows us to work with you to achieve superior taste performance for your brand – in a huge range of food and beverage applications.

TasteSolutions™ Salt can reduce sodium levels and offer healthier, 
clean‑label solutions.

TasteSolutions™ Sweetness can enhance and improve the sweet profile of your reduced sugar and artificially sweetened sweet goods and beverage products.

TasteSolutions™ Umami enables you to build great-tasting products without the negative labelling associated with MSG and other artificial additives.

TasteSolutions™ Mouthfeel can enhance fat and mouthfeel perception in healthy products.

TasteSolutions™ is not only about using innovative new tools but, crucially, understanding how and where to use them. Food-related health problems have grown enormously over the past few years.

More and more, consumers are demanding healthy alternatives to sugar, salt and full-fat. Food and beverage manufacturers recognise this increased global awareness and are trying to win over consumers with their clean-label products. Our TasteSolutions™ can help you develop healthier, clean-living alternatives which still deliver great tasting products.

It is a huge challenge. The success of TasteSolutions™ depends on an in-depth understanding of physiological taste perception and a comprehensive knowledge of how to create and apply consumer-winning solutions. But with our dedication to cutting edge scientific research and development, we can meet and beat that challenge.

At the core of the challenge is the need to reduce sugar, salt or fat, manage the profiles of high-intensity sweeteners or enhance the taste naturally and rebalance the flavour profile. But there is more to TasteSolutions™ than just replacing, reducing or substituting. We also focus on the other related essential elements which will ensure your brand's success: increased consumer preference, healthier products, speed to market and value for money.

The key to perfecting your product's TasteSolutions™ is to work with you to combine our expertise with a comprehensive understanding of your application. Our flavour creation scientists work proactively in the process of ingredient screening and development, as well as reactively in formulating a solution for our customers' specific needs.

Using the industry's richest, most comprehensive taste ingredient palette, we can design a flavour system which ensures maximum performance for your product. Our team of academic application scientists continually formulate and study applications to understand how food, flavour and taste interacts. In-depth scientific knowledge of what, how and why ingredients modulate taste within food and beverage application allows us to create the optimum unique taste solution for your product.

With 150 Givaudan scientists around the globe dedicated to taste research, we invest more into this area than any of our competitors. We have developed strategic alliances with the world leaders in scientific taste research to make sure that we remain at the forefront of this field.


TasteSolutions™ Salt

TasteSolutions™ Salt
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