With the global concern and demand for healthier and more natural products, sweetness improvement is one of the most important trends we see affecting our customers' product development efforts today.

TasteSolutions™, Givaudan's industry-leading portfolio of novel flavour ingredients, focuses on the sweet taste dimensions of flavour and on changing consumers' sweet taste perceptions in a variety of beverage and sweet goods applications.

TasteSolutions™ Sweetness uses know-how, technology and ingredients to create flavour-based solutions that:

  • offer fewer calories and lower sugar without sacrificing taste,
  • improve sweetness in 'better-for-you' options,
  • provide natural solutions for sweetness improvement,
  • mask off-notes and increase satisfaction of artificially sweetened product, and
  • keep labels clean – solutions are declared as 'flavour'.

For manufacturers with great taste
As for reduced calorie intake, Givaudan's TasteSolutions™ Sweetness technology has reduced sugar content up to 30% in certain applications. In markets where 70% of sugar consumption is linked to processed food and beverages, this is a crucial achievement.

Sweetness – pure and simple
Non-nutritive sweeteners have continued to be an important driver in food and beverage manufacturing, but increasing the appeal of these products to consumers is a critical challenge. We do not want to blind you with science, so we are eliminating consumer confusion and complexity by referring to 'flavours' without adding new labelling issues.

Sweetness enhancement that consumers will love
Consumers understand that fewer calories are better for their health, but they are reluctant to compromise on taste. From our extensive consumer research, we have found that approximately 15-35% of the population would consume more artificially sweetened products if the off-taste could be improved. The results suggest that bitterness is the primary attribute that differentiates artificial from natural sweeteners. As part of our TasteSolutions™ Sweetness portfolio, we have bitter masking ingredients that reduce the off-tastes associated with artificial sweeteners.

Sweet dreams
Givaudan's TasteSolutions™ represents our global capabilities in creating flavours with superior taste performance and helping food and beverages meet the ever-changing demands of their consumers. TasteSolutions™ Sweetness is one component under the TasteSolutions™ umbrella and includes technologies, products, knowledge, and flavours that relate to improving sweetness. Through our integrated approach to creating consumer-winning taste, we have created the next generation of sweet ingredients for you and your customers to enjoy – making TasteSolutions™ Sweetness THE ultimate solution for your sweetness needs.


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