Givaudan feels responsible for preserving the natural resources it consumes in creating beautiful fragrances. We recognise the importance of maintaining a medium- and long-term supply of unique raw materials around the world and operating a sustainable business model involving people, products, environment and society.

Sustainable development of natural materials means preserving the environment, for example by harvesting at the appropriate times and replanting for the future. We operate a fair trade policy that tries to ensure sufficient income for the local populations which cultivate and harvest the products we need. We hope to improve quality of life for indigenous populations.

Our pioneering initiatives aim at achieving these objectives in Australia, Laos, Venezuela, the Comores Islands and Madagascar. For each initiative we try to increase the local communities' overall revenue by implementing new supply chains for naturals that are of interest for our fragrance creation.

We believe that more transparency between the producer and the end user and a better understanding of the each stakeholder's constraints should result in a better management of the natural resources that we all desire but agree are limited.