Delivering that zesty fragrant wake-me-up in the shower and keeping the air of clean freshness on laundry is all part of the artistry of Givaudan.

Fragrance technologies draw on various methods to ensure the perfume experience occurs at exactly the right moment in product use, whether it be for personal washing, laundry or home care.

Clever 'encapsulates' create an 'olfactive boost', or a controlled release, that can be engineered to achieve an increase in hedonics and performance. Other delivery systems include the use of microcapsules, carrier particles and formulation tools, which effectively re-write the rules of fragrance release and generate new sensory benefits. Such surprising effects encompass, for example, delivering a citrus note lasting several days on dry fabrics or boosting a different perfume note by the action of water, temperature, light or friction. None of these effects is achievable by classical perfumery and their realisation requires not only specific technologies but also drastic changes in the way perfumes are created.

There are two main types of encapsulates: shell encapsulates are opened by breaking with force, for example when a cloth is stroked or rubbed, and starch encapsulates are those where the capsule walls dissolve in contact with water.

The latest cutting-edge technologies are based on the sciences of polymers and liquid crystals, designed to enable polymer mesospheres to extend the spread and long-lasting delivery of fragrances in various liquid products.

Givaudan's Mechacaps™ perfume encapsulation technology is a shell encapsulate which allows a significant increase in perfume material delivery on laundry, as well as a controlled-release perfume over a period of time. This means that the scent experience from both the washing and drying of clothes is enhanced. And the technology has also proven its efficacy in reducing the development of malodour on clothes through sustaining an unprecedented level of freshness.