The dedicated team of flavourists leading our Oral Care category produce flavours for a wide range of oral care products ranging from toothpaste to dental floss, mouthwash, breath films, even lip balms and chewing gum.

Oral Care has been recognised as a vital contributor to overall health for hundreds of years; the earliest tooth specialist operated 3,000BC and his endeavours are recorded in hieroglyphics! Market research validates that the flavour of an oral care product is considered the most important factor for engagement with consumers and the reason for most repurchase decisions.

Our experienced Oral Care creative teams are based in the UK and Shanghai, but their understanding of people and preferences extends worldwide. Global vision is brought by the Givaudan network, extensive tracking of international oral care markets, preferences and ethnographical research. Our pioneering mapping of sensory space helps us to uncover market opportunities wherever they exist. Groundbreaking Evercoolâ„¢ and Fresh Senseâ„¢ flavour technologies provide additional sensory and efficacy benefits to support great tasting flavours that leave mouths feeling ultra fresh and clean.