Eating too much salt is well known to lead to high blood pressure, which triples the chances of heart disease and the likelihood of having a stroke. 

These days, it is not just fat content or calories that consumers look at on food packaging when they are trying to identify healthier options; they are increasingly looking at the salt content too. 

With regulations tightening and with health and wellness concerns forcing a worldwide shift in the food industry, Givaudan is working to solve this salt challenge through industry-leading technology – offering consumers great taste with reduced sodium levels. 

How? By developing TasteSolutions™ Salt, providing the best taste performance for savoury foods. At Givaudan, we understand the need for change and are committed to collaborating with you to tailor-make savoury or cereals and baked good that meet your growing requirements while still providing consumer-winning taste.

TasteSolutions™ Salt can benefit your products by reducing the sodium level without compromising the taste or quality of your brand. We do not simply try to replace salt, but instead assess the role that salt plays. We then reassemble salt's important flavour attributes by using the range of proprietary taste tools that we have at our disposal – using our TasteSolutions™ technology – to maintain the desirable salt profile without recreating the associated negative health issues. 

With TasteSolutions™ Salt, we can help you by providing custom-designed flavour solutions for new product development – providing flavours for new low-sodium applications and product renovation – reducing sodium levels in existing product lines.

For more information about out TasteSolutions™ Salt please contact us.