Today there's an overwhelming consumer desire for 'long-lasting' and the taste of 'freshness' and 'cooling' and to experience a 'sense of good hygiene', health and wellness, and fun. Mint flavours are key to delivering this taste sensation.

Our TasteEssentials™ Mint offers clients a complete set of flavours, technologies, natural oils, flavour delivery, and efficient sourcing to provide sustainable 'long, fresh breath', a 'cooling sensation', 'novel taste', and intense 'flavour impact'.

TasteEssentials™ Mint > EverCool™
At Givaudan, we are pioneering the next generation of cooling compounds – the newest technology in the market – proven to deliver the ultimate freshness sensation in the mouth. EverCool™ provides superior performance in impact, intensity and longer-lasting duration to freshen up the taste of chewing gums, confectionery and oral care products. Our research has shown that there are increasing demands from consumers who want to experience a longer-lasting fresh breath and cooling sensation.

EverCool™ is the newest proprietary cooling technology in the market. When it is combined with Givaudan's proprietary flavour encapsulation system, PureDelivery™, the overall cooling effects are maximised (instant release or allowing a controlled or delayed cooling release).

Extensive sensory studies in chewing gum demonstrate the dramatically greater performance of the new EverCool™ compounds (combined with PureDelivery™) versus those currently available, providing:

  • faster release and impact
  • up to 50%* greater intensity
  • up to 80%* greater plateau duration
  • up to 110%* longer-lasting freshness
  • whole-mouth freshness (not just a partial-mouth effect)

* Performance values depend on application and rate usage levels.

We believe that this preference for higher-impact cooling and longer-lasting fresh breath is proving popular with chewing gum, confectionery and oral care manufacturers and shake up the current market for cooling sensations and freshness – which had not seen any breakthrough innovations for more than a decade.

But it is not all just about being minty-fresh. EverCool™ compounds can be combined with many other flavours that customers desire to create outstanding freshness and cooling sensations in many food and beverage products.



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