Dairy and cheese are the most popular flavour profiles in the snacks segment of the food market. Cheese is also one of the most complex foods in the world, with very specific local taste profiles. So to stand out in a crowded, complex market, authenticity in your dairy and cheese flavours is the key to your success.

We can bring to life a complete portfolio of unique flavour components and technologies to create consumer-winning products to help you achieve your goals be they increased market share, consumer preference or cost reduction.

Guided by an enviable breath of marketing insight and product knowledge Givaudan's research and development has been able to build a unique palette of ingredients to respond to consumer preferences in each region. From this wide experience, we can create just the right flavour tonality for each dairy or cheese variety for your target audience.

The building block approach in flavours and seasonings creation can fulfil your requirements quickly and accurately. The development of unique mid- and base-notes blocks can be easily combined to deliver precisely the required profile.

Our high-impact top notes entices the consumers' sense of smell through authentic cheesy and fresh dairy compounds that characterise the different cheese varieties. This contributes also to the creation of signature culinary concepts through delicate aromatic spicy and fresh vegetable notes, ensuring increased differentiation, quality and consumer recognition of your brands.

We cover it all – memorable seasoning for chips, snacks and crackers, delightful flavours for sauces, pasta fillings, processed cheese and salad dressings. From authentic local, ethnic or artisan flavour profiles, to customised seasonings, we can provide high quality, cost-effective solutions which reduce the need to use more expensive aged cheeses, butter or dairy ingredients, while still maintaining the consumer appeal of richness and creaminess.



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TasteSolutions™ Salt

TasteSolutions™ Salt
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