Getting beef right is no easy task. It demands significant investment in time and money, and precise cooking techniques to get it perfect. With today's increasing nutritional and health concerns regarding meat products, consumers demand convenient healthy options without compromising on great eating experience. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your Beef needs.

The challenge in getting beef flavour right depends on cultural context and is further enhanced by pricing and labelling constraints in many parts of the world. With all of this uncertainty, you can at least be certain of our long established heritage and reputation when it comes to beef flavours. Expert application teams around the world work with chefs and flavourists to make your products taste truly authentic, with specific roast, boiled, grilled or fried notes providing distinct and complex flavour profiles as well as a strong beef impact in non meat applications.

Wherever you are, and depending on your requirements, we have teams close by and the skill to understand your needs. We have the acumen to apply our industrial process knowledge commercially and the flair to interpret consumers’ culinary expectations creatively.

Partner with Givaudan for product innovation
In our ongoing discovery process, we identify food trends via our ChefsCouncil™ and CulinaryTrek™ programmes, covering the spectrum from high-end cuisine to everyday restaurants and local kitchens. We measure consumer preferences at key stages of the process – exploring their perceptions, expectations and enjoyment of food. This helps lead us towards authentic home-made flavour creations, performing in novel products that respond to clean-label and cost concerns. For Beef we recently visited the sources of great tasting beef in Brazil and Argentina. We explored new and traditional ways to create richer tasting beef with teams of Michelin star chefs and have continued our connection with consumers’ cuisine by cooking with them in their homes.

Together we can make your brands live in consumers’ memories
Our global culinary network, with our own food scientists and extensive local expertise, provides unparalleled local knowledge to create consumer-winning beef dishes in a variety of cuisines – translating flavours from concepts to kitchen to iconic beef flavours. We understand the sensory complexity of beef profiles and the global flavour descriptors of meat – and have even developed our own unique core list of beef descriptors to enrich the Givaudan universal Sense It™ language. Teams of chefs and food scientists work together to apply this knowledge to your formulations in ways which resonate with the message you give consumers. This artistry is rewarded when consumers recognise key elements of local beef dishes – from the origin and cut of meat to the herbs and spices they use. In all corners of the world food lovers enjoy the rich and wide variety of notes which our ingredient palette brings, whilst appreciating the healthier products we help develop.

Our PureDelivery™ system protects the flavour and taste, and controls flavour release in the finished products whilst our extensive regulatory experience ensures that we can deliver optimum flavour performance while adhering to local legislation.

At Givaudan, we create consumer-winning beef flavours to deliver great performance, optimised for your brands. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your Beef needs.