Decades of nurtured human expertise and investment in tools and insights pay off. Our unrivalled knowledge leads to breakthroughs in concept and performance. These accomplishments are the result of the synergy we have developed between creativity, science and technology.


Success in today's global food and beverage marketplace requires more than a geographical presence; it demands a clear understanding of consumers and an in-depth knowledge of their cultures, taste and flavour preferences at the local level. That is why Givaudan is not only worldwide, but also 'world wise'.

We have long focused on consumer understanding for the development of flavours and products that resonate with consumers. In 2009, we furthered our efforts by developing a strategic consumer insight programme targeting the emerging markets of China, India, Russia and Brazil.

Our 'China and India Youth Initiative' provides us with extensive information about what motivates the food and beverage preferences among the young people of these nations. We observe and discuss their choices in order to understand what their typical product preferences will be.

Our research has uncovered a variety of key trends – from a desire for more aesthetically pleasing and sensual products by Chinese youth, to a uniquely Indian 'disruption' of traditional eating experiences among Indian youth. Both these insights played a pivotal role in the success of a number of new beverage initiatives.

In Russia, Givaudan flavourists conducted studies to better understand consumer taste preferences in the premium snacks category. In Brazil, we explored preferences towards chicken and orange.

In both cases, we involved flavourists in each phase of the exploration process, translating consumers' experiences into valuable knowledge for flavour creation. By fully understanding consumers' emotional connection to foods, we can ensure that your requirements are met, whichever world market you are targeting.


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