Givaudan is the industry leader in research, science and technology. Innovative capacity is the key to leadership and, ultimately, to long-term success.

No surprise, then, that we prize our knowledge and scientific expertise very highly – they are the source from which our concepts are born. Our experts nourish the creative process and employ clear thinking to achieve breakthrough solutions – whether in setting standards, inventing technical wizardry or devising and conducting far-reaching research, in the laboratory or in the field.

People working in our research, scientific and technical roles are highly respected in the market and regularly collaborate with industry peers. We greatly value our strategic alliances with biotechnology companies and universities – and our interaction with customers is also essential, to share wisdom and build expertise.

Our technical experts continually deliver cutting-edge technologies and molecules for use in our creations. They also tailor our solutions to each key customer brief. These highly qualified research and technology professionals are located in centres all over the globe, working closely with our sales and development teams to provide the ideal solution for customers.

Some of the roles in our Research and Technology organisation:

  • Ingredient discovery
  • Bioscience
  • Encapsulation systems
  • Flavour and fragrance performance