Givaudan regulatory professionals are true experts in their field and work at the frontier of interactions with our customers, other companies, regulatory agencies and across our industry.

Ensuring that all our applications, creations and technologies are fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements is vital to our business. Safety, reliability and efficacy are always top priorities and we share our knowledge on all three.

Not only do we comply with international standards – we also invent and help to create them, pioneering international guidance and helping to extend harmonisation and clarity, across national boundaries.

Our customers expect great things from Givaudan in this area: they are looking to us to take a lead shaping critical issues and being strong advocates for their needs.

In these activities we often work alongside, or hold senior and influential roles in, organisations such as the International Fragrance Association, the Fédération des Industries de la Parfumerie, the International Organisation of the Flavour Industry, the Flavour & Extract Manufacturers Association of the US and governing bodies such as the US Food & Drug Administration, European Food Safety Authority and the World Health Organisation.

Some of the roles in our Regulatory teams:

  • Toxicology
  • Product safety
  • Regulatory affairs