Our passion for excellence translates into a passion for quality. Givaudan is committed to establishing and maintaining the highest quality standards throughout every department in every location around the world. And this process begins with Purchasing.

Globally-based teams of purchasing professionals work relentlessly to ensure that Givaudan sources the raw materials, consumables and services that it needs at the optimum level of quality and cost, so that we and our customers get the best possible value. Cost management, service excellence and innovative sourcing are all among the daily duties of our world-class purchasing professionals.

Our industry and business model is unique and fascinating. Using over 14,500 different ingredients from more than 50 countries in our flavour and fragrance compounds, we have to master the exact sourcing process and provenance of all our strategic raw materials. We identify and mitigate potential risks to the continued and sustainable supply of our raw material base as part of our overall sustainable development programme and to meet customer – and consumer – demand for sustainable sourcing.

Some of the roles in our Purchasing teams:

  • Category Leader: lead the purchasing and supply management activities for a specific category of goods and services via a team of Category Managers
  • Category Manager: responsible for driving the development and implementation of commodity strategies, owning our relationship with key and global suppliers and an integral part of our business planning activities
  • Regional Purchasing Manager: lead the purchasing and supply management activities for a defined geographic region via a team of dedicated Site Purchasing Managers
  • Site Purchasing Manager: responsible for managing the purchasing activities of a specific site including leadership of a team of Local Buyers and ownership of local supplier relationships
  • Local Buyer: focused on optimising the purchasing value of a portfolio of products and suppliers specific to a site or region